Oxjam is about showcasing the best of local talent, from Leicester and beyond. Applications for performers are now open. Please complete the form below, and we will be in contact soon.

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Our Terms & Conditions


There is no payment for playing at this event as the event is to raise money for the charity Oxfam.

Our Part

We will provide a stage for you to perform on, a Sound System & Lighting so you can be seen and heard.

We will provide you with Stage Running Orders & Stage Timings, along with what you need to bring with you & what we can supply regarding Stage Back-Line & Drum Shells.

Your Part

Perform a set of your own music and/or covers that are suitable for an audience of children through to adults, this means that material played is to be family friendly and free from swearing please.

Supply Tech Specs on request before the event to allow the production team, to make sure we can meet your requirements and have the stage prepared for you when you are due on stage.

Arrive on site 30 minutes before you're due on stage and make yourself known to the production crew.

Be ready and waiting by the stage with your instruments ready and tuned ten minutes before you are due on the stage.

You may sell band merchandise at the event and offer and/or distribute business cards and flyers to promote yourself or upcoming gigs and events.

We also ask that you share the media that is sent to you via your own avenues to make this event, the best it can be.


The Oxjam Leicester Team reserves all rights in relation to all recordings of the event for publicity and promotional purposes and these may appear in the local media.

Pre-Event Information

You will be sent out full information via E-mail prior to the event - please make sure you check this regularly and respond appropriately.